Drizzle Dish

Drizzle Dish is a multifunctional soap tray designed to clean up bathroom and kitchen sinks without cleaning out wallets. Drizzle Dish, designed on the principle: “form follows function,” balances structure with service, providing a singular solution for storage and sanitation.
Drizzle Dish perches beautifully and economically on the edge of sinks and bathtubs. Along the surface of its main storage compartment are elevated raindrop patterns, enabling excess water drainage from wet sponges and soap bars into the sink or tub below. Underneath the dish are two rubber feet securing the unit in place. A cylindrical opening on the side provides additional storage for a toothbrush or razor.
From the first napkin sketch to the final prototype, Drizzle Dish was designed with the consumer’s needs in mind.
Work done for Techone Proto INC.